Covid 19 and Your Mental Well Being

Covid 19 and Your Mental Well Being

If your house looks anything like my house, you are sitting there trying to grasp the concept of something that seems hard, scary, and surreal at the same time. We all have coping strategies that have developed throughout our lives. Some of us are in denial, “It’s not that bad, what’s the big deal?” Some of us are thinking of worst-case scenarios. “Our lives will never be the same again. We are all going to die.” Some of us put on a brave face until the sun goes down and our worried thinking pops in and we are totally unable to get to sleep. The reason we have coping strategies is to help us feel like we have control. Control helps us feel safe, and if we can feel safe, then everything is going to be alright. (For example, buying up all the stuff at the grocery store. Preparedness equals control)

The problem with Covid 19 is that A LOT feels out of our control. This virus feels like a sneaky predator that will jump out of the bushes and get us. How do we control that? Whether you are feeling anxious, stressed, worried, sad, or totally flat, at Rekindle we are here to tell you that all of those feelings are totally normal. It is hard to be in “social distancing” and spinning out with all the feelings! 

A couple things that may help

Find what you can control

• What can you do for your mind? Your body? Your home?

Now is a great time to work on drinking enough water, stretching, learn to deep breathe, or find time to start journaling.

Have you been meaning to clean out a closet? Deep clean the garage? Organize your kid’s toys? 

Figure out ways to find a genuine connection right now (not mindless social media scrolling). We are wired to want to connect with people we love. 

• Give your partner, your kids, your dog a 30-second hug 

• Call your grandma

• Write someone a real letter

• Tell someone how much you appreciate them.

Reach out for some extra help

At Rekindle we are offering telehealth appointments right now with therapists. Whether you are looking to talk with someone about your worries, or you’d like to schedule an over the phone hypnotherapy appointment, we are here. Tele-hypnotherapy has been proven to be a great way to alleviate all types of anxiety, whether it be from our recent struggle or issues we have had lingering from the past. Hypnotherapy can also help with insomnia and general well-being. Rekindle also offers therapy for tweens, teens, individuals, and couples. 


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