Couples Therapy Intensives

What is a Couples Therapy Intensive? 

Relationship Therapy

A Couples Therapy Intensive is a 3 day immersion into couples therapy where clients and the therapist spend very intentional and distraction free time diving into the stuck spots in their relationship.

You might be stuck in the never ending loop of arguments that never get resolved. You might be stuck in this feeling that you want to talk things out and your partner wants to sweep things under the rug. Or visa versa, you want to let the little things roll off you back , but your partner wants to talk everything out. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut with your sex life and you can’t talk about it. Maybe you’re stuck because your childhood was not great and now you or your partner are being that cycle into your relationship.

Improve Connection and Intimacy

Whatever is keeping you stuck, our 3 day Intensive is designed to gently and effectively shake you and your relationship out of that place.

Who are they for?

Our intensives are for couples who want to jump start healthier communication skills and take a deep dive into healing parts of their relationship.

Intensives allow you to do months’ worth of couples therapy in 3 days.

If you’re looking for a way to fully immerse your relationship in healing, an intensive may be for you.

Whether you’re in town or coming from another state, intensives give you the opportunity take care of your relationship distraction free.

What is Emotion Focused Couples Therapy?

We use Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT). This type of therapy is the only
modality proven to create lasting change in couples. The American Psychological
Association showed that EFT is 70% effective in reducing distress in couples

What does this mean for you?
Using EFT in during an intensive gives you the opportunity to:

  • Increase Communication Skills
  • Improve Connection and Intimacy
  • Begin to Heal Relationship
  • Traumas
  • Improve Sexual Satisfaction
  • Start Having Fun Again

Emotion Focused Therapy

More Info

  • Rate for 3 Day Intensive is $4200
  • Couples Therapy Intensives are not covered by insurance.
  • Non-refundable Deposit Due when intake paperwork is submitted.
  • Rescheduling must happen two weeks in advance of appointment. Emergency rescheduling requires rebooking within a months time frame.

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Nicole is down to Earth and easy to talk to. She saved our marriage and helped us heal
parts of ourselves we didn’t know need healed. – 43 year old client

Couples Therapy Intensives