Hypnotherapy- Dealing with Anxiety & Quarantine

Time, so much time. Time to do that yardwork you’ve been putting off since October, time to do every dusty puzzle you can dig up from the basement, time to watch every show your never thought you would waste a second on, time to clean behind the fridge, under the stove, and spaces you only just recently realized existed in your home. Time is something many of us have an abundance of right now. For some people that is a luxury, and for many others it is a breeding ground for anxiety. Unscheduled and open time can bring up many things we have been consciously (or unconsciously) shoving down to “deal with later”. Well, unfortunately, that “later” is now. Without those same everyday distractions of life to keep our minds busy, some of those anxious thoughts are probably surfacing. Whether they are old tired thoughts or shiny new ones that your mind has just recently come up with, (our brains are so good at that) hypnosis can help! 

Hypnotherapy is extremely useful during times of crisis, when it feels like you have no control over anxiety and circular thoughts. With hypnosis, we can interrupt these feelings (or any other undesired feeling) by using something I call an “anchor”. This anchor creates control over your thoughts and emotions, stopping rumination in its tracks. Using hypnosis, we open the door to the subconscious mind, allowing deeper work through connection to self. By experiencing a situation (under hypnosis) in a different way than you ever experienced it in real life, you uncover blocks and even create new neural pathways in the brain – instead of using those old paths that led to the same undesired results. In fact, one session of hypnotherapy can be as effective as up to five sessions of talk therapy in dealing with anxiety and stress! 

 This is an incredibly helpful way to allow you to remove those “anxiety goggles,” blurring how we perceive reality. Without them, we can more easily deal with any underlying issues that may be causing the anxiety in the first place, disarming it and taking our power back! By allowing ourselves to see clearly again, we are also able to “empty our cups” and allow for more space to deal with the unexpected stress of living in quarantine or whatever else comes up for us during this time.

If you are tired feeling controlled by anxiety and are ready to gain your power back, schedule an appointment! Let’s work together to use this time to create lasting positive change!