Individual Therapy


Why come to a couples therapist as an individual?

Our clients come for individual counseling because:

Couples therapy for one They do not like something that is happening in their relationship. Maybe they are not ready to explore their feelings with their partner in the room. Maybe their partner is not ready to be there with them. Either way they need something to change.

Discernment counseling These clients want to explore whether or not they really want to be in their relationship. They want to look at options for leaving and what their future would look like without their partner. They want a feel for the future and a game plan.

They keep dating the same type of person/What the heck happened in my last relationship? These clients are sick and tired of ending up with the same type of person over and over. They want to be sure the next relationship that they are in they feel like a priority, they feel as though they can communicate their needs in a way that gets heard, and they do not repeat the icky things that happened last time.

The clock is ticking Many individual clients can feel the clock of time ticking down on them. They are anxious and sad that they have not found the one yet. Maybe their friends are getting married all around them. Maybe they are all starting to have babies. Maybe they have pressure from their family, faith, or culture. My clients want to know that the clock wont force them to SETTLE. They want an action plan for getting themselves out there and to find a lasting relationship.

Trauma These clients have been abused, cheated on, modeled terrible partnerships by their families, or at the very least have had their trust broken in some way. This trauma gets in the way when trying to create a loving, trusting relationship with partners and with themselves.

Together we can walk through what you are experiencing, and find a way to get to the places you want to be in your relationship.

Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
― Brené Brown

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