How to Know When to Reach Out for Therapy

Have you ever found yourself in the position where you felt as though you may need help from someone outside your bubble, but you were unsure whether or not you should make the call? It is totally normal to feel nervous or unsure when deciding to make a therapy appointment. Below are a few things to consider when deciding to reach out.

Do you feel stuck deciding what you should do about a certain situation or relationship? Does this stuck feeling cause you to get frustrated, irritated, or angry?

Therapy is a wonderful place to sort through areas of your life that are not feeling as good as they should. Whether you are considering which direction your relationship should go, how to get out of the hurtful cycle of communication you are in with your partner, or if you are struggling with a specific thought or feeling you can’t seem to shake or resolve, therapy allows you the nonjudgmental and safe space to explore you options.

Do you feel alone?

Is there a particular issue that you are struggling with that you feel like you cannot share with your friends or loved ones? Do you feel embarrassed by the issue? Are you sick of hearing the same advice from those around you? These feelings often lead us to feel very alone in moments when we are needing some help. Feeling alone can feeling very worrisome and scary. Reaching out to a therapist who strives to make you feel safe can help you with those feelings and therefore get you back to feeling connected with those important to you.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

In the same way we may feel alone with certain issues or feelings, we might also feel very overwhelmed. Have you ever felt as though everything was spinning and you were just needing something to grab ahold to in order to steady yourself? With work, family, self-care, and our homes constantly demanding our time and attention, it is no wonder that we feel like our plates are too full. When our plates get too full we do things that may not reflect who we really are. Do you get snappy with those around you? Do you withdraw and turn away from loved ones? Do things that seem little seem to cause you to fall over the edge?

Are you exhausted?

One good way to know that you may need to ask for help is to identify that you are flat out exhausted. When the lonely and overwhelmed feelings take over, we are left feeling completely spent. Do you feel as though you have no energy to even do the things you like to do? Do you wake up feeling too tired to face the day? Something needs to look different in your life, and a caring therapist can help you explore what those things are and how to implement them into your everyday life.

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