How Addiction & Couples Therapy Go Together

One of the questions we get asked frequently is whether or not couples therapy is helpful when one or both partners has an addiction.

There are many cases when couples therapy can be one of the most helpful resources for addiction. Addiction often happens when we are feeling lonely, ashamed, or traumatized.

These are some of the hardest places for us to explore as humans. It’s very uncomfortable to shine a light on the places where we feel the most shame or fear.

Having our partner there with us does tow things. First, it helps us learn how our issues are impacting our home and what our family is needing from us to re-establish love and trust. Secondly, we help our partners learn how they can hold us in those moments that take us over. We can show them what they can do to help us fill our cups and and know that we are save with them.

Learning how to be vulnerable on both sides of partnership can help the addiction and heal deep wounds created by disconnection.

Some addiction however, does need individual therapy prior to doing couples work. If the addiction is too big that it does not appear to be able to slow down despite a partners best efforts, individual work, trauma work, or DBT might be the best bet before bringing in family.

At Rekindle, we provide all of the above help. Please always reach out even with the smallest questions.

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