Couples Therapy During Covid 19

Let’s be honest, our world is profoundly different than it was just a few weeks ago. In a matter of days we went from cruising along with our relationships, careers and family life, to spending every waking hour near our partners and feeling the underlying issues we haven’t addressed starting to bubble up.

Maybe at first this seemed like a blessing. “Wow I get to spend time with my loved ones like I haven’t in a really long time.”

Maybe it’s more like, “Shit, we haven’t been getting along at all, and now all the ways I’ve been avoiding our issues are constantly in my face.”

Maybe it’s somewhere in the middle. “I love this person, but our tension is right there and we can’t seem to shake it.” “I can go blow off steam at the gym.” And “I can’t go get coffee with a friend band shake it off.”

Now is a great time to start sorting out some of those communication issues you’ve known were a problem. Take some of this time to learn how to lean on each other in ways that actually leave you feeling closer and understood. Goodness knows that there is a lot of stress and worry right now!

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